We Knew These Men by Wilfred Brandon, transcribed by Edith Ellis. Copyright 1942, Edith Ellis. G. & R. Anthony, Inc., Merit Publications.

The books mentioned below are much older, but I have been able to find reasonably priced ones online. Again, also check with your local libraries to see if they carry copies of these books.

Edith Ellis began mediumship writing in the early 1900’s. Wilfred Brandon provided the information for this book, from the other side.

Brandon tells the stories of some American soldiers who were sent to the front during the World War.

The reader is introduced to some of these soldiers, and follows their stories – beginning with before their deaths through what happened after they died and left their physical bodies – and on to what happens on the other side.

The front of the dust cover jacket, explained it quite well: “Retailing the experiences of a group of American soldiers whom he know, Wilfred Brandon sends from etheric plane a message to an American once again re-arming for conflict.”

In the times that we are in now, I think this book has proven to be timeless.

Although I will not review them, there are also two other books by the same author. If you enjoy this book, you will probably enjoy those two as well.

The other two books are: Open the Door! and Incarnation – A Plea from the Masters.

by Jan Toomer




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