Everything is energy, and everything is connected, so the delineation lines blur as to what ability is used when and where. Though using my own simplified definitions, I mainly use the following in consultations:


Medium = one who can “see” and/or “hear” the deceased and can communicate with them.

Channeler = a “spirit” channeler is one who can “see” and/or “hear”, and can communicate with non-physical beings.

There is also channeling, in special cases, people who are still living.

Reader = one who can “see” and/or “know”, and interpret, subtle energies beyond the physical body.

When I work, it is all intertwined. There is no separation. Whatever ability is needed is what is used.


When a person sets an appointment for their consultation, I request the client’s team (guides) work with me and my team for the client’s highest and best.

Before meeting a new client, and if it is energetically available to me (pre-readings are not always given to me), I will do a blind/pre-reading (no in-depth information provided me by the client) and have it written and ready for the appointment.

After meeting the client (or connecting on phone if a phone consult) and sharing the pre-read (if available), we move on to the session. The client can ask their questions and off we go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What do you “see”?
A. Looking straight on at the front of the client, I usually can “see” (if they want to be acknowledged) – in my mind’s eye – deceased relatives behind the client’s left shoulder.

Guides, angels, other beings are behind the right shoulder.

Only those who feel they are needed for the client’s session will show themselves to me. Sometimes I do not see anyone around the client. This doesn’t mean that no one is there, it just means they don’t have a message to share at that time.

Animal totems can appear anywhere in the client’s energy field; standing beside, behind or on the client.

I usually “hear” off to the client’s left. This is where informational energy packets come in, and wait for me to interpret into words for the client.

Those clients who have strong medium abilities, I “see” a line of people following them.

For animal or plant communicators and/or healers, I will “see” a line of animals, plants, or both following behind the client.

I will only “see” or “hear” what the client’s higher self has given permission to be shared with me, and comes through the client’s team.

The client’s questions lead the session.

Rarely, though it does happen, I may get a blank wall. It can show up at anytime (or not at all), from initial contact from the client to a specific topic or question. This blank wall is my symbolism for letting me know that it is off limits to me.

For initial client contact, it means that I am not the one to aid them.

For a topic or question, it means it’s not for me to answer/assist. It may not be time for that answer to be revealed, or it is not to come through me.

I am not the one who dictates when something is off limits to me – that is up to the client’s higher self and team. And no, I am not shown it if I’m not to share it…all I see is a blank wall.

Q. Can you tell me what my illness/pain is?
A. I am not a medical doctor or a therapist/counselor. I do not diagnose nor prescribe. When an energy imbalance shows up, I can tell you that I “see” an energetic imbalance and recommend for you to see your doctor or mental health professional.

Q. I have some embarrassments from my past and am afraid you will see them.
A. I will only see what your higher self and team wants me to bring to your conscious attention.

Most everyone has some things in their past that they aren’t too proud of, or want to share. I believe it’s called being human. I don’t judge.

Q. After my session with you, I found out: so-and-so passed away (for example): I had (a major disease/illness); my significant other was cheating on me; etc. Why didn’t you tell me or warn me?
A. I can only share what your higher self and team share with me. If I don’t “see’ it or “hear” it, I can’t share it.

If you bring it up to me that you suspect and/or are worried about a disease or illness, I’ll recommend that you have it checked out by your physician. I do not diagnose nor prescribe.

Q. Why do you recommend a 2 hour session the first time someone sees you?
A. Though it is not mandatory, I do recommend a 2 hour session the first time. This time allotment seems appropriate for the client to get comfortable with how I work and to ask – and receive – answers to questions.

After the initial session, some clients schedule anywhere from a one hour, two hours, or more hours session as they see fit. It is the client’s personal preference.

Q. Why are you sharing this information?
A. Twofold. It helps new clients understand a bit of what I do and how I do it. Also, someone may be new to their abilities, and this may help them.

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