What-Do-Ghosts-Know-1This is just a small sampling of paranormal – related questions about ghosts that I have received. The following are my terms, understandings, interpretations and/or experiences. The responses are generalized and oftentimes can go into more depth.

What Do Ghosts Know?

Ghosts are people without their bodies. They are Earthbounds. When their physical bodies died, they didn’t cross over (go into the Light).

Most can still think and act like they did when they died – for better or worse.

Remember, most are still human – with human emotions – just without a body.

So most know what they knew before they died; an if they understand they died, they may have the newer knowledge obtained for whatever skills or knowledge they have since learned – such as manipulating items, to get our attention, in our reality.

Just because they are dead does not give them any special abilities or powers, per se’.

Note: Then there are some who remained in the selfish, self-serving, controlling, manipulative and/or mental instability energies they had when they had bodies. These may become more unbalanced.

Are Ghosts Aware of Each Other?

When you are at the mall or a fest, you are aware of others around you, but take no note unless something calls your attention to it, or it is someone you know. Some seek out a place or person that attracts them – energy-wise such as compatibility or someone/thing piques their interest. One example is the woman ghost attracted to a modern day woman who may have similar strengths, and the ghost is attracted to/admiring the independence, strength and ability to safely make her own choices and is her own person.

There have been cases, though, of two ghosts seeking one another out and not seeing each other. As far as we can perceive it, they are existing in the same space but don’t seem to exist to one another. This is usually a case of one or both being so wrapped up (in their own worry, grief, fear, etc.) that they block one another.

Are Ghosts Aware of Darker (Energied) Ghosts or Beings?

Most ghosts are aware of darker energies, and if not trapped by it, will skirt or avoid it.

There is, however, “like attracts like”, so it is not uncommon for some of the not-so-nice ghosties to meet up and hang out together.

Again, most are still just humans without a body.

I Made a Spirit Board Instead of Buying One, So It Should Be Safe to Use, Right?

A spirit board (the generic, non-brand name for an ouija) is a doorway from “their” side to “our” side. Now there are also Spirit Boxes and other apps that allow the ghosts to communicate.

It doesn’t matter if you make it, buy it or it is gifted to you. IT IS A DOORWAY, and you’ve no idea who or what is going to come through, or if you can get it/them to leave when you are done playing.

Remember, ghosts are humans without bodies. Do all humans tell the truth? No. Can humans and ghosts lie and deceive? Yes.

And, unfortunately, it’s not always ghosts who respond. There are other entities who are opportunists and parasites who will work their way through the doorway and will lie and deceive to stay.

My opinion? It is best to not open a doorway. If you have no training in safeguarding a portal (doorway), then leave the spirit boards – and like apps – alone.

Part Two next week.

Being Haunted
Paranormal Realm Awakening

by Jan Toomer


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