Part One

What-Do-Ghosts-Know2What Do Ghosts Think About Ghost Investigations?

Again, please remember that ghosts are humans without bodies.

Most humans (with bodies) can’t see, hear and/or interact with ghosts. (Generalized) The ghosts are invisible. They can’t be seen or heard.

As you read the following, think about it as though you were the one experiencing it.

The Ghost Investigator or Paranormal Investigator

I follow the ghosts around, but since I can’t see them or hear them, I use equipment to locate, track and try to communicate with them.

I wave my K2 meter to and fro, looking for any signal. When it goes off, I wave the meter around: in front of me; to the left; to the right; and maybe up and down. I do this all while excitedly asking, “Is it you? Are you there? Make a noise! Let me know you are here! We’re not here to hurt you! We just want to talk.”

I maybe grab my recorder, and pop-off more questions. “What’s your name? What year is it? Why are you scaring these people? Do you have a message for someone?”

I am relentless, like a dog who caught a scent and I follow it until the scent is gone.

The Ghost

Excited people entered the premises. They have some kind of fancy gadgetry. My curiosity is piqued and I’m excited. They said they want to talk. They can hear me? Maybe they can help me!

One person has something with colored lights. I move in to see. The person gets excited because the gadget lit up. The person is waving it around.

Uck! They put their hand in my stomach! How rude! I’m uncomfortable with their energy being forced into mine.

I back away, but they follow – jabbing my energy again and again.

They are rapid-firing questions. Don’t they know it takes a lot of concentration for me to build up the energy to talk to them so they can hear me? Why aren’t they giving me a chance to answer?

Ah! Finally! I got to answer two questions, but had to use short words; it’s hard for me to get through for them to hear me. *frustrated* I used up a lot of energy.

Why are they demanding for me to make a noise? They want me to perform for them? I finally get a chance to communicate and they treat me like a circus animal.


The Ghost Investigator

Hmmm. We aren’t getting anything anymore. I wonder why everything went quiet.

(Gee, I wonder.)

Are All Ghosts Lost and Want Help?

Quite a few are looking for help, but not everyone.

Any ghost investigations I do are with the intent to:

  • let them know that – if they want – I will offer aid in crossing over after the investigation (and honor my word by doing it!)
  • give a voice (via voice recorder and/or mediumship abilities) to the ghost.
  • help them understand that they are dead. Some, but not all, know they are dead.
  • assist them in crossing over, so they are no longer stuck here (if that is the case).

I will not ever force anyone to cross over. That goes against the Universal Law of Free Will.

Just as humans vary, so too do ghosts. Some of them just don’t want to cross over. Each reason why can be unique to that individual.

If they aren’t harming or abusing any humans or animals, I can leave them be.

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