Atlantis has been searched for and sought after for a very long time. Many places, around the globe, have been claimed or suggested as the site of the elusive Atlantis. From Morocco; Poverty Point in Louisiana; Malta; Santorini; to Bermuda Triangle and more.

But it has yet to be definitively found or discovered. Perhaps one problem is that Plato wrote down someone else’s story on it; hearsay. He never saw it himself. Ever play the kids game Post Office? Things can get skewed, changed, enhanced, forgotten, or fabricated as it not only gets passed along, but time can degrade information as well.

But what if Atlantis wasn’t on Earth? (This is pure speculation.) What if it was on Mars?

Okay, maybe far-fetched, but hear me out.

One of the more current stories or beliefs (very watered down) about Atlantis was that the Atlanteans were a progressive people and creators who were once peaceful and, for the time, technologically advanced. A pyramid with a crystal capstone was their power source and they were able to harness the crystal energy to accomplish transportation, healing, etc.

Somewhere along the line, greed, the desire for power and control seeped into the civilization. The crystal capstone was used as a weapon. The capstone broke bringing Atlantis to ruin and Atlantis experienced total destruction, eventually turning the surface of Mars into the desolate sandbox it is today.

But, before total destruction occurred, some of the more positive Atlanteans, who saw the possibility of losing Atlantis, gathered their knowledge and spread it out to other places to ensure the knowledge would survive. It was said that they spread the knowledge over the four corners of Earth.

What if they had left Mars and brought it to Earth? Think about it…we had the sudden appearance of mathematics and astronomy spring up in Egypt, for example.

And we, humans, do have oral history as well as pictographs and hieroglyphics depicting beings in spacesuits, space helmets, rockets, ships. There are also some of other types of flying machines and of alien or space beings interacting with humans, etc.

What if they took their knowledge and distributed it over the Earth?

Maybe this is why we can’t find Atlantis on Earth, and why no one can figure out how the advanced skills suddenly emerged in our ancient civilizations.

Or maybe it is just a fanciful story.

But what if…?

by Jan Toomer


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