by Linda Aragon

This is a question many are bringing to the table over and over for a clear understanding.  I am going to attempt to explain Ascension in simple straightforward fashion.  As you well know, there is a ton of information on this remarkable occurrence Planet Earth is now fully engaged in.  Much of our energy is spent learning that we have many misconceptions of what the Ascension process is and isn’t.  In a perfect world we would have a blueprint or model to show us the way.  It is important to note that each of us must journey our own way through Ascension and cannot be accomplished by simply reading a book or following a teacher’s words.  That being said, this article is to help you define Ascension and decide what choices you personally want to make through this Ascension process.

So Let’s Define Ascension

On an individual level, Ascension is the process of changing one’s consciousness from one reality, based on one set of beliefs, to another.  Consciousness is a set of beliefs on which we base our lives and through which we make the choices and decisions that make up our present reality.  A dimension is a state of consciousness.  For example, 3rd dimension is about the belief that, this is the only life that we have and if you can’t touch it, taste it, see it, feel it or hear it, it doesn’t exist.  We learn that we are spiritual beings having a human experience; this is a 4th dimensional concept.    5th dimensional consciousness is when we realize that we are all connected, and realizing this can indeed bring pronounced change and thinking on this life journey.  On a group or planetary level, Ascension is the collective expansion of a state of consciousness (beliefs) to the point where that consciousness creates a new reality – a new state of being or dimension.  (**The Hundredth Monkey Syndrome).   Only once in every 26,000 years in the Physical Plane does a mass Ascension occur.  As Lightworkers, Starseeds, etc. you have most likely ascended previously; it isn’t new to an advanced soul.  Regardless of the other aspects of your life, the achievement of Ascension (you may think of this as Expansion) is the main object of your many lives on Earth.  You have a role to play in assisting the collective to make the jump, i.e.:  quelling the fears of others.

A state of consciousness/dimension vibrates at a certain frequency just as all physical matter has a distinguishing vibration or frequency.  The further we move into the Light, raising our consciousness, the faster we vibrate.  At a group level, the group vibration creates a new consciousness, a new reality, and a new dimension.

So How Do We Ascend?

Stated simply, we ascend by clearing our emotional blocks and fears that are the basis of those blocks, and transmuting anger, hatred, guilt, blame, and shame into compassion.  I have heard many say – “I just feel so much more compassionate lately”.  I have to wonder if they have any idea that this is a result of their emotional clearing, which by the way, we are all going through.

As we evolve, we learn to value and appreciate those who express dark emotions in their roles as our teachers.  This is very important and again brings us back to the concept of Soul Contracts.  Could those that are playing a dark role be doing so because they have spiritual contracts with us, with the purpose of helping us receive a lesson, and allowing us to evolve and grow? This is an important concept I sincerely invite you to consider and it will allow you to stop judgment, allow, accept others, and find total peace along your journey.

As we clear our blocks, we shift our consciousness.  We become less judgmental, more compassionate.  Each time we clear a block and experience gratitude and appreciation, we are ascending.  As we ascend, we leave our 3D lives behind and move into the Light.  We are to live in the world and be a part of it but live in it with a multidimensional consciousness.  This is what I am referring to often in our spiritual meetings, the visualization of taking a “Helicopter Ride” – stepping back from the drama and looking for the lesson from a higher place.  At the same time, we are to stay grounded in the world because it is in the world that our lessons will come.

It should be noted that Ascension is a personal choice.  There will be those that choose not to ascend.  It is my understanding that they will live on a 3D plain until the opportunity of Ascension comes once again….drum roll….in 26,000 years!  You should mentally make the decision to go through the Ascension process.  This is different than being on the spiritual path.  It’s important to realize that your physical body can react to the Ascension process through various means such as new aches and pains, headaches, etc.

I can say that for myself, my attention is gradually leaving everything that does not relate to Ascension, this is my central focus.  To me what that really means is truly stepping out of 3rd dimension and into 4th and 5th dimensions…and truly enjoying the journey.  What this brings is a sense of calmness, peacefulness, centeredness, and yes – joy!

**The Hundredth Monkey refers to “collective consciousness”.  On an island, scientists observed monkeys eating sweet potatoes covered in sand.  One of the females began washing her potato in water before eating it.  Slowly the others followed her example.  Suddenly other monkeys on other island started doing the same thing!  When a certain critical number achieves awareness, this new awareness may be communicated from mind to mind.

Linda Aragon, Holistic Life Coach

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