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I was talking about my grandmother who died when my father was 3 months old (so I never knew her). I have always felt close to her, and at times have called on her for help/advice, but she had never responded to me.

My friend (who also does readings) looked at me and said that I was my grandmother. “She can’t respond to you because she is you.”

  1. Did I inhabit my grandmother’s body or is she in mine?
  2. If she is in my body, then do I not have a soul or is my soul somewhere else?
  3. Time is not relevant – therefore, am I living in two bodies (or more) simultaneously?
  4. Who is my soul / higher self – me or my grandmother?

Jan’s Answer:

When we planned our current life / soul growth experiences, we also decided beforehand other things…like what abilities to bring with as well as how much of our soul to put into the current body.

Our physical body does not contain 100% of our soul; we decide how much is needed per lifetime, to accomplish our goals for each lifetime.

We’ll say, for example, you decided to bring 20% of your soul for this lifetime. But you can run concurrent lifetimes (time is not linear) – so you could have 32% in a “past” lifetime; 43% in another lifetime.

However, you leave a portion on the other side to help guide the physical selves…this is your higher self.

Who Is My Soul?

You are the 20%, 32%, 43% and the one on the other side. All one soul, just utilizing different physical vessels (aka, bodies or suits).

Your soul is in your current body – and you also utilized a percentage to have a life as your grandmother. You are not inhabiting her body – nor is she inhabiting your body. You each chose physical bodies to accomplish what you each needed for that lifetime.


Taking it a step further – you technically could receive guidance from your grandmother. Her lifetime and experiences – and therefore her knowledge – are different than yours in your lifetime.

(Having said that, we can’t always contact our loved ones – or other soul selves; they may be working on something else and cannot respond.

My grandfather had visited me the night he passed away…then I couldn’t feel, hear, or even find him for umpteen years. Then one day he just popped in. He explained that he had been over at _____ {star system} and was involved in some intense learning/training exercises and couldn’t respond to me – though he did hear/feel me.)

At Home Experiment

  1. I recommend you do this in or by the sink.
  2. Get a mixing bowl (or large water pitcher).
  3. Put three different drinking cups/vessels on the counter/in the sink (example: coffee cup, juice glass, milk glass).
  4. Dip each cup into the mixing bowl, putting water into each cup/glass.
  5. In your (for example) coffee cup, place a drop or two of red or orange colored drink (like orange or cherry juice); in the second cup, place a drop or two of milk (or milk substitute); and in the third cup, place a drop or two of another food substance with color.
  6. Each cup of liquid started off from the same place…the mixing bowl water (soul/higher self).
  7. Each cup (physical body) has a different shape which holds some of the mixing bowl water.
  8. Each cup has had different experiences (colored food substances).
  9. When your physical body dies, your soul from that body (the water in that cup) goes back to the mixing bowl (rejoins soul/higher self on the other side) bringing with it the experiences it had and is now incorporated back into the mixing bowl. The experiences are now shared.

Side Note

Some people feel that when we have past life dreams or the sense of déjà vu, we have actually tapped into our soul self in that lifetime. We also seem to be able to have “memory experiences” – and those can be when the two soul lifetimes connect to aid one another – like tapping into and borrowing the other lifetime’s knowledge or experience to aid us – perhaps during a difficult soul growth period.

In the past, not very many could consciously access the abilities, knowledge, experiences, etc. of their other lifetimes. However, the veils, walls, barriers, etc. between these lifetimes has thinned considerably. We are now beginning to have more access to our concurrent/simultaneous lifetimes knowledge, abilities, etc. as long as it does not interfere with your own soul growth plan and if you want to access some of that information.

Reading More:

A good book on the subject of simultaneous lifetimes and the higher self (oversoul) is The Oversoul Seven Trilogy by Jane Roberts.


Okay, I have shared my understanding/beliefs on this topic…please share yours! Place it in the comment section below; please be respectful (see “Disclaimer” under “Contact Info” above).

by Jan Toomer



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