Q. What is it like when you are channeling for an article or a reading? How do you perceive it?

A. When an article or reading comes in, I can view it in the ways described here A Day in the Life ~ of a Psychometrist .

Sometimes the energetic information comes in while I am in the almost-awake state in the morning. When this happens, I can experience it like:

  • Seeing words printed on a page. I read what is written.
  • Hearing a story. I hear someone sharing a story with me.
  • Seeing a movie. I watch as a scene or scenario plays out in front of me.
  • Or a combination.

And all of these instances includes me being able to feel the corresponding emotions/feelings connected to the information or story being shared.

Then I write it down.

Whatever way it comes in, I allow it to consume my attention until it has run its course or shared what (s)he wanted to share. In other words, I am not necessarily aware of my surroundings while information is coming in.

by Jan Toomer


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