Q. I can sometimes:

– feel ghosts by a sudden chill
– just sense their energy
– feel a weight on my shoulders
– hear noises of dishing clanking
– and once heard a woman say “Hello” when there was no one around

I don’t like this, it’s scary.

A. It seems to me that you may be a medium, and are also showing a sensitivity to energy.

A medium can hear and speak to the deceased, and/or feel, or know what those communicating from the other side are saying.

For clarity, I will use the following terms this way:

Earthbound – Those who did not cross into the light when they died. They aren’t exactly on our dimension – rather slightly out of sync with our dimension. The more they physically appear or interact with the physical, the more energy they require.

Ghosts – Deceased humans who are Earthbound.

Spirits – Those who have crossed over and come to visit or aid us.

Residual Haunting – sound or scene memories (or recordings), from a past incident or incidents, which can occasionally (or regularly) play again. There is no interaction with these memories.

Team – Each individual has a team consisting of their guides (and/or guardian angels, angels, etc.)

A Chill

For Earthbound ghosts to interact with us on this physical plane, they need energy. Here are a few ways they can accomplish this: Drawing energy from energy containment devices (batteries, cell phones, electricity, etc.); sucking up the heat from an area where they are trying to make contact; human energy field.

When drawing from devices, it will render their energy source severely depleted or dead.

Just because you come across a cold spot, it does not mean you are definitely going to see it manifest or move an item. Also, check your environment for air conditioning vents or air leaks.

When drawing from humans (and I do not recommend this at all!), it can leave the human dizzy, exhausted, and/or nauseated. This, to me, is not acceptable. I visualize pushing them out of my space and putting a wall between them and myself so they can’t draw on my energy.

Sense Energy

Sensitives are…well, sensitive, to energy fluctuations, distortions or any changes. This is how someone physical can get a sense that they were just joined in the room by a non-physical being.

Feel Weight

This is another indicator of a non-physical presence trying to make itself known.

For me, I get a weighted down pushing sensation on the back of my head. I do not tolerate this sensation. To me, this is the non-physical being is too much in my energy, “crowding my space”. I visualize pushing them away and mentally telling them either that their behavior is rude, or just plain old “Knock it off and give me some space!”

Dishes Clanking

If nothing actually physically moved, then you may be hearing a energy memory. These are nothing more than a recording playing back. You cannot interact with a movie playing – nor can you interact with a residual haunting/energy memory.


This can be a bit unnerving – sometimes catching even the most seasoned medium off guard.

So What Can I Do?

Shielding to help buffer.
– You wouldn’t be timid if someone just walked in your house uninvited. Same principle. Non-physical beings don’t need to come in uninvited. Tell/order them to “Get out!” – and mean it.
– Get training from a reputable instructor or medium. There should not be exuberant fees for this – but do be prepared to pay for their instruction.
– Call on your team (guides, guardian angels, angels, etc.) and tell them you are scared by this and to please help you to adapt as well as set up boundaries.

A Shining Light

Our energy broadcasts – to non-physicals – what we can do. Mediums (whether they are consciously aware they are mediums or not) usually have quite a few ghosties around. They are waiting to be acknowledged or heard.

I demand manners in my space – regardless if you wear a human body suit or not. Rudeness, bullying, being annoying or trying to create fear is unacceptable!

Set up boundaries of what you will, and will not, allow in your space. You have to be dedicated and really mean it – or it will not be honored.

Our Children

Some children (of all ages) who can see and hear the deceased may actually be bullied by them. PLEASE! Empower your child. They have the will, energy and most importantly, the right – as we all do – to not be bullied or tormented by ghosts or non-physicals.


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by Jan Toomer




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