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Q. What can I do to reintegrate all parts of my soul from all lifetimes?

A. First I would like to state: (a) you don’t have to believe in past lives, reincarnation, etc.; (b) you don’t necessarily have to be consciously working on reintegration to have it happen; (c) you don’t need to remember any/all past and future lifetimes to be able to reintegrate.

My belief/understanding is all who are on Earth in our now have been afforded the opportunity to cleanse, heal and release their pasts of all lifetimes (in accordance with each individual’s soul plan).

Even if so blatantly worded, many past articles (mine included) encouraged people to take responsibility for ALL of self (in this body), including thoughts, actions and words.

If we can’t accept responsibility for self in this current bodysuit, we certainly won’t be ready for complete reintegration/access to all lifetimes while in this body!

Other past articles have addressed some possible steps in the direction of bringing all soul fragments, lifetimes, etc. together – also known as reintegration.

– Clearing up this lifetime’s past and its energy.
– Leaving the drama behind / no longer playing the drama game.
– Release and do not play the victim-role.
– Allow others the right to their own opinions, beliefs, soul growth path/journey, etc. without judgment.
You don’t have to like their decisions, or even participate in it; you’re not living their life. You are responsible for your life only (exception — and those under your guardianship).
– No more rescuing people, relationship-wise. You want a life partner? Find someone to stand beside you, equally. Not someone you need to carry or fix.
– Release toxic relationships.

We agreed to be the one to heal, cleanse and release all lifetimes anchors while in this current body. What we do in this lifetime echoes into our past and future lives. Like a bicycle wheel, in essence we are the hub, or center point where all lifetimes (spokes) meet up.

Reintegration comes as we heal, cleanse and release this lifetime; clearing out the old to make room for more.


by Jan Toomer



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