Off KiltQ. How does one continue to interact with a third dimension created system when working to release self from said third dimension?

A. I was recently involved in a system that was created in a third dimension energy, and currently remains embedded in that energy.

I went in watching, listening and observing the energies around me, and the energies of those involved.

Then I turned off the energy aspect and worked to experience it with physical senses only – physical eyes and ears.

What I physically heard and saw kind of excited me. I thought, “Maybe they are bringing this system up in energy frequency.”

Apparently the Universe (my higher self, the energies or however you wish to name it) made sure I understood the truth.

Something happened that brought no question to my mind that my physical sight and hearing were deceived.

Then I was jarred by a feeling a sense of betrayal.

I turned the energetic aspects of self back on and took note of the energies and was repulsed by what I “saw” and “felt”.

The experience re-affirmed to me, and for me, that I do not like interacting with the third dimension created and maintained systems.

I notified the appropriate persons on what I had (physically) experienced and let it go.

Some Lightworkers are still working with or in the third dimensional systems. Their energy and participation helps to raise those around them that are receptive and ready for their next energetic step in their soul growth journey. (This may or may not be in their conscious awareness.)

In essence, they are working on the inside to help those who are (energetically) ready.

Some work within those systems to change the system itself from the inside out.

If you do not fit either of those explanations, and still find yourself having to interact with the 3D, I highly recommend shielding regularly, and perhaps develop a mantra or reminder along the lines of, “I am where I am in my growth. They are where they are in their growth. I can accept and allow them their journey. I do not accept or allow their energy in mine.”

You have the right to your journey. And everyone else has the right to their journey. But you also have the right to not absorb, or take in, anyone else’s energies.

by Jan Toomer


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