RadiatingQ. You regularly use the word “faith”. In your opinion, what’s the difference between faith and hope?

A. Google defined faith as:
“ complete trusting or confidence in someone or something.”

And defined hope as:
“ (n) a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.”

Looking at the energy most commonly associated with the words “faith” and “hope”, I agree that they really are two different concepts.

I energetically interpret faith as letting go and allowing your Creator and/or Higher Self to handle it (whatever “it” may be), with the intent that what happens will be for the highest and best. That doesn’t necessarily mean we will like it, but will accept it. Acceptance plays a really big part.

And with hope, the person has expectations or pre-conceived ideas as to how it should happen, and possibly the “when” and “final outcome”.

I am not saying we shouldn’t utilize or have hope; hope is very important for us. Energetically, hope (expectations) are needed when we create our life, our reality.

Hope and Faith Example

Example: a loved one may have been diagnosed with cancer.

Most, if not all of those around that person has hope; hope that the cancer will be eradicated and life will go back to the pre-diagnosis days. One of my hopes are that I do not lose that person from my life.

Of course, I see nothing wrong with hoping. But my expectations for how I feel someone else’s life should go, is just that…mine.

I am not the person going through the experience. I cannot judge what their soul plan was and theirs is not my soul journey.


Reiki (simplified) is an energetic healing technique where the practitioner brings energy to the client to aid in re-establishing a healthy flow or balance.

Most Reiki practitioners know that the energy will go where that clients needs it, not where the client wants it.

The Reiki practitioner knows, or has faith, that the energy will go where it will aid the client for their highest and best, and has no expectations for anything else.

Hope or Faith?

I used to hope, a lot.

As one grows and begins their journey into acceptance, hope may give way to faith – letting go and allowing.

I do use hope when creating my life and my reality; after all, expectations are necessary when we create.

But because of the law of free will, I cannot exert my expectations on someone else’s life. I am responsible for my life, my expectations and my creations; just as they are responsible for theirs.

by Jan Toomer


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