Q. You talked about how some people are experiencing changes in their dietary needs, tastes, etc. How will I know if I am going through this?

A. (Aside from any medical concerns). Some people get confused and concerned as to what is happening during some of the energy changes that affect our human life.

My first major change was when red meat smelled bad to me. I mean running to the restroom and throwing up bad-to-me. There was no gradual build up. One day eating red meat. Next day, couldn’t get near it.

I removed red meat from my dietary intake – and from my presence totally for a while – and problem solved. I have never gone back.

I’ve also experienced it with oils. Canola oil and oils that are old (well used in a restaurant and in need of replacing) will send me running in the opposite direction.question-mark-112390_640

Again, for me – my body will let me know when it’s time to quit eating ______.

My nose is usually my first warning indicator. If it smells wrong, off or bad, my body is telling me “no”.

If I ignore my nose, I sometimes just can’t swallow the food. Literally.

If I force the swallowing…well, my digestive system goes into distress.

My examples may be the extreme form…or not.

Or you could simply just lose interest in a food.

On the other hand, “live foods” (such as fresh, non-processed, non-GMO foods) such as fresh fruits and vegetables make my mouth water and when I eat live foods, my body hums.

My point is to listen to your body. It communicates to you regularly – you just need to pay attention.

Q. What is metaphysics?

A. (Taken from Paranormal, Metaphysical, Parapsychology – Oh My! — see this page for definition sources)

Loosely Defined

Metaphysics – (meta = beyond, after, with, etc.) – often defined as a philosophy of the realm, or realms, beyond the physical; and/or the connectedness we all share. Metaphysics can have many sub-categories or branches, such as: religion, perception, cosmology, ontology, etc.

Metaphysical – pertaining to that which is beyond the physical.

Paranormal – (para = beyond, above, below, near, etc.) – generally speaking, defined along the lines of: that which is beyond the normal that is possibly lacking scientific explanation, to include ESP, telepathy, precognition, ‘ghosts’, etc.

Parapsychology – generally defined as the scientific study of ESP, psychic, precognitive, etc. abilities or experiences.

More Common Usage

Metaphysical – pertaining to that which is beyond the physical ‘norm’ and can include (but is not limited to): ESP, psychic abilities, telepathy; communication with ‘ghosts’, other world beings (UFO’s), etc.

Paranormal – possibly due to the increase of ghost hunting TV shows, ‘paranormal’ is most commonly used in reference to ghosts, poltergeists, demons, etc. and proving or disproving their existence through a more technological approach, such as: cameras (various types); EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors; and EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), etc.

Parapsychology – Institutes, establishments, researchers that apply controlled scientific tests to prove or disprove that which is beyond the physical – such as psychic abilities, ‘ghosts’, etc.
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by Jan Toomer


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