Q. Do you channel or get messages from stars (movie, actors, music, etc.)?

A. Yes. The News and Views From the Other Side messages can come from anyone, and from any when, to help us on our journey in the physical.

However, I take into consideration the message they wish to share – not the messenger. Anyone can toss out names.

One message recently came through, and this deceased person really wanted me to share their message. I got up (he woke me up at 2 a.m.) and wrote out his message, which he rapped to me.

“You gotta get a grip
on what’s real
you gotta let go
of what’s steal-
lin’ your life force

That was it – his whole message.

News and Views From the Other Side category:

Q. I had a reading done by three different people, and each person had something different than the others – but all were accurate. How can they each have received different information?

A. Whether it is an energy reading or psychometry, everything the reader receives (can be called energy packet or information packet) is seen or felt and then interpreted by the individual. The information packet is translated utilizing each individual reader’s life experiences and views (also called filters).

The information each reader receives is in response to what is resonating with the reader at the time of the reading. So, for example, if you have two psychometrists (touching an item or person and receiving energetic information) who touch the same item, you may get a few pieces of information that are near identical, but you will also get two different sets of information. Two different readers with two different energy signatures will pick up and/or interpret two different reads.


by Jan Toomer


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