Ghosts, Orbs, Manifestation

Q. What is the purpose of using a camera to capture images of ghosts?

A. Proof.

Not everyone can see (physically, energetically and/or in their minds eye) or sense ghosts, or they don’t trust themselves enough to trust what they see or feel.

As children (generalized), we are programmed early on to only believe in either what we can physically see, touch, smell, hear or taste, or what others tell us is okay to believe. Anything beyond that is “just your imagination”.

Even if your experiences are corroborated by any of the five physical senses, we are taught that if someone else (others) didn’t witness it, it was probably “just your imagination”.

Because we are programmed throughout our childhood, most people had filtered-out or trained their forward eyesight to only see that which we were taught was “real”.

Cameras have no such training, and don’t care about your programming. If it manifests enough for it to, the camera will catch it.

Having said all of that, our peripheral vision has not been programmed, re-trained or filtered. This is why many can catch glimpses of ghosts in their peripheral vision.

Both cameras and recorders utilize batteries for power (which ghosts can tap into and boost themselves with), and are considered electric devices which makes them easier for ghosties to manipulate so they can be seen or heard. Voila! You allow the camera (visual/sight) or recorder (audio/hearing) to “prove” to your physical senses that it is real.

The use of these devices also aids ghost investigators in proving to clients that their place is “haunted”.

Q. I’m a medium (communicates with the deceased) and can’t seem to get physical evidence in recordings or photos. Why?

A. Because (a) you don’t require “proof”. Your work as a communication bridge between the physical and deceased (and others) is the only proof you need, usually validated by your clients. (b) The information is presented to you through your para-senses. It is this ability that allows the other side and deceased a way to manipulate energy in a manner to offer the medium communication, information, memories and/or mental imagery.

Q. Are orbs real and are they ghosts?

A. Yes, I believe orbs are real. Orbs are the easiest form for ghosts to take to maintain and move about.

Some people who’ve captured images of orbs have found:

  • Faces within the orbs
  • Swirling colors within the orbs
  • Geometric shapes within the orbs
  • Different colored orbs
  • Different sizes of orbs

Let me be perfectly clear – not all round moving balls of light on cameras are energy orbs! Many are flecks of dust or pollen. And some other non-orb lighted shapes can be pollen, insects, etc. which had been lit up by the camera flash or the night vision aspect of the camera.

  • An orb is lit from within
  • An orb is intelligent
  • An orb is not at the mercy of air flow/air movement

It takes a lot less energy for ghosts to travel in a sphere form than to “walk around” as a full bodied apparition.

These are some of the manifestations in the order of easiest to hardest:

  • Energetic mind picture (to those with that ability)
  • Orbs
  • Mist
  • Wispy shape
  • See-through apparition
  • Dense full body apparition or to interact with the physical

Note on the topic of Orbs: (Though I’m not sure if they are photographed, I’ve never explored this aspect) – The non-verbal and/or non-communicative autistic community are out of body a lot – and travel, as orbs, to visit others in their community. They identify each other by their orb color and feel.

by Jan Toomer


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