ymq-turquoiseQ. Please explain “Spokesperson”, “Gatekeeper” and “Higher Self”.

A. The following are how I use the terms — others are free to adopt and adapt as they feel:

Spokesperson: I appoint this being to speak on behalf of all who wish to communicate with me. It gets very confusing for me when different guides, dead people, spirits, other-beings communicate off and on. Appointing a spokesperson helps with only one being talking to me/giving me information. I also know that whomever communicates through my spokesperson to me has been given the go ahead by my Gatekeeper. (Sounds like a fantasy game, eh?)

Gatekeeper: for me is the same being who is spokesperson. Gatekeeper is the bodyguard or bouncer. (S)he filters who can and cannot have access to me. It keeps me from having to deal with bored, nasty or mischievous beings who don’t want help, they just want attention.

In the past, the spokesperson and gatekeeper were one being — a guide from my team that I chose. Now, it is my higher self.

Higher self: We don’t have 100% of our soul in one human body or vessel having an experience. Each “lifetime” uses various percentages of our soul to carry us through that life experience.

We also leave a portion of our soul on the other side. This become our higher self. This part of us watches over us, can aid us, and can orchestrate what we need. The higher self has a more objective view and larger awareness of the bigger picture.

We are always connected to our higher selves, we just may not be consciously aware of it.

Because the turn-over for our team members (aka guides) is high right now (they are rotating out with higher energied beings to become our guides as we raise our frequencies), it was suggested to me to make my higher self the gatekeeper and spokesperson. Our higher self will always be with us

Q. What is the difference between a premonition and manifestation?

A. To me, the difference between premonition and manifestation is (simplified, and relating to “lightworkers”):

Manifest = your thoughts becoming real/physical in your reality.

Forcing your manifestations on someone else is subverting someone’s will and is usually called a curse.

Premonitions = farseeing, or getting a glimpse of a future event or incident, usually about, or involving others. You didn’t create it.

You do not manifest for others (exception: see above), but can have premonitions about self and others.

by Jan Toomer


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